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Who we are

Amenity Facility Management prides itself in being a single point of contact for the management of all facility issues and gives clients the peace of mind of strong budgetary control under pinned by a robust management of its service partners to guarantee quality service delivery, health and safety compliance and value for money.

We strategically direct all your facility operations and take care with your facility management and servicing operations hassle free. Our FMS elimantes the risk and complexity in the process and boost efficiency and consistency go up making your job gets a whole lot easier. Your organization can be free from the task of managing your assets and amenities keeping it easier in your hands.

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What We Do

Our Services

Facility Management

Complete integrated solutions that help you leverage your performance while we take care of your day to day needs.

Cleaning Services

A clean workplace not only enhances the client's image, it also helps to improve work productivity.

Hospitality Services

We work with our clients to address specific healthcare needs of hygiene, orderliness and patient care.

Housekeeping Services

We offer specialized services related to the care and maintenance of commercial and residential buildings.

Rope access Services

The work is completed safely, eefficiently and economically with a focus on minimizing downtime of the asset.

Waste Management Services

Our experts will assess your waste streams and develop the right recycling and disposal solution for you.

Landscaping and Gardening Services

We have a team of professionally trained horticulturists and gardeners to maintain all landscaped areas and gardens.

Pool Maintenance

We provide efficient and safe pool maintenance service to commercial properties with pools and fountains .

Laundry Services

We support you on you day to day laundry issues through our latest technology and washing solutions along with stain removal services.

Pest Control

Our integrated pest management facilities are better developed to help tackle pest issues basis an extensive research

Preventive Maintenance

Experts determine inspection or maintenance intervals and execute, record and report the activities scheduled.

Energy Management

Providing energy conservation and management services for businesses to help strengthen their bottom line.


We offers CCTV Surveillance Systems implementation and maintenance on wide scale.

Fire Alarm

Detecting a fire early can mean the difference between losing everything and keeping loss and damage to a minimum.

Electrical Maintenance

We specialize in commercial electrical repair services through accurate reporting, complete transparency and full reliability in our results

Plumbing Maintenance

We’re always ready to respond to your most pressing plumbing challenges quickly, from basic repairs to general on-site survey services

HVAC Maintenance

We help you maintain consistency with regular, scheduled maintenance and repairs, and diligent, concise service history tracking

Do you have any custom requirement?

We Embrace Innovation to Drive Excellence at the Point of Service.Reduces man hours dedicated to Facility Management

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at the right time.

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We deliver first class management with the highest quality and efficiency for corporate clients and individual members.


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Our customer service desk has a group of experts who have especially been appointed to attend to you 24x7 and solve any query that you might have regarding our services.

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